‘Beauty in serenity’ Spring/Summer 2019 Collection by ‘Thea by Thara’

Premium Lady Fashion Brand, Thea by Thara Unveils Spring/Summer 2019 Collection called ‘Beauty in serenity’ Presenting the Inspiration from The Art of Tea Making, Transmitted to Apparel Reflecting Ladys Mystic Charm Perfectly.

Be the first to create delicate style prominently to welcome Spring/Summer 2019 with premium female fashion brand ‘Thea by Thara’, in the collection called ‘Beauty in serenity’ designed by talented creative director, Tawanna Thara who still creates delicate and charming style outfit. This time the story of tea making art, and the beauty from the tips of brush stroke on tea pottery has become the inspiration transmitted to modern design clothing for the fans to update stylish trend together today.

Beauty in serenity Spring-Summer 2019 Collection Thea by Thara

Thea by Thara, Thai female fashion brand since 2011 can display the beauty of fashion combined with today ladies’ needs perfectly by caring for every detail in design and dress making technique to create perfect outfit addressing ladies lifestyle who long for modern style outfit that can reveal outstanding personality through the combinative style of delicacy, and elegance with class.

Tawanna Thara talks about the main design idea in this collection; “This collection’s main conceptis derived from my passion in tea drinking that I also care for every detail in tea making from elaborate tea making art to the pottery used. Whenever I have opportunity to try the tea on my journey to different places, I notice that tea pottery in each place are finely made. Each ceramic piece is painted with different beauty and uniqueness, just like clothing design that requires high tailor-made skills. Thus in this season, we would like to take the exquisite painting on ceramic as a part of making clothes from Thea by Thara that provides fine cutting, and elaborate hand painted fabric.”

Beauty in serenity Spring-Summer 2019 Collection Thea by Thara

Beauty in serenity Collection has been created in delicate style enhancing the charm through modern daily wear silhouette mainly focusing on comfort, and technique by master of dressmaking craft, embroidered with lace, and feather on strapless top made of light fabric printed with signature pattern that can be paired with trousers in floral embroidery pattern seductively, including a chic design added with layering technique embellished with pearls to go with favorite shorts to complete look on easy casual day. Standout at night event with halter top embellished with feather that can be matched with long skirt added with layer from multiple fabric texture. The key tones for this season are in pastel shade to finely represent mystic delicate femininity from purple, nude brown, greyish blue, pastel pink, and basic white.

The design team has selected lightweight fabric, proper for summer wear, including weaving technique using Flat knit thread that has been embellished as ruffle around the top as another new technique introduced in this collection, including the print pattern of the collection co-created by European designer in meticulous hand paint technique.

Beauty in serenity Spring-Summer 2019 Collection Thea by Thara

Besides, Tawanna Thara also suggests the tips in creating sweet delicate look but still keep attractive and elegant vibe that, “People may think about sweet and delicate look in concept of simple colors and silhouette that they find the style too cheesy, but actually creating sweet but attractive style is easy. First, avoid the pastel shades and chose the proper colors like layering or match pastel to earth tone shade. You can akso choose multiple design of cutting detail, for example wearing light pink halter top embellished with brown feathers to enhance mystic charm with the silhouette revealing shoulders that can match with chic design maxi skirt, or for those who love basic dark color palette might choose black see-through shirt embellished with white lace, paring with dark trousers or embroidered ones to avoid monotonous casual look.”

Shop the Spring/Summer 2019 Collection, ‘Beauty in serenity’ today at ‘Thea by Thara’, The Emporium, Level G, Central World at Zen on Level 2, Siam Paragon on Level 1, Siam Center on Level 2, and Siam Square One on Level 3.